How to set a nozzle?
Jan 03, 2022  Editor: admin
How to set a nozzle?
The reference head on which a nozzle is mounted measures the height of the nozzle tip (measured value is to be entered into the "Noz. height" field) and nozzle width ( to be entered into the "Noz. No. ) with laser. In addition, the reference head obtains the vacuum value also.

i setting up each nozzle one by one: Click the desired nozzle number, and press the <F3> key.
 When you press the <delete> key or <back space> key, the selected nozzle number is deleted.

ii Setting up nozzles by one operation: The system automatically sets up all ATC numbers or two or more selected ATC numbers by one operation.
  1, Click the < AUTO> button
   2, The following screen appears.
      Select the ATC number to be set, and click the <OK> button. To select all ATC numbers, click the <ALL SELECT> button, and then <OK> button.

Caution: When you press the <F3> key or click the <OK> button, the axes move and the system starts mounting or removing the a nozzle. Before pressing the <F3> key or clicking the<OK> button, be sure to check to see if there is no one who operates the inside of the machine. To avoid a risk of injury, do not put your hands inside the machine nor move your face or head close the machine while the machine is operating.

a, to interrupt this automatic setup, press the <stop> switch.
b, if the nozzle number entered before this automatic setup is different from the number obtained with the automatic setup, the system selects the latter.
c, To assign a customized nozzle to the ATC, be sure to enter the correct nozzle number for the customized nozzle after automatic setup.

  3, Check of attachment with IC head
  When you check the <Check with the IC head the condition of the nozzle attachment on the head> button, the machine performs measurement with the IC head after normal measurement to check to see if the IC head can recognize a component. ( If the nozzle to be measured is a standard nozzle, the machine will not perform this operation.) ( this item can be selected in the KE-2080 only.)
If you set a nozzle that cannot be used with the IC head, the machine displays the error message ( I303003 The nozzle is not available with the IC head), notify that the corresponding nozzle cannot be used.