ATC Nozzle Setup
Jan 01, 2022  Editor: admin
Setting Group
When you select the <setting group> command from the menu bar, the following items appear on the displayed menu.

ATC nozzle setup
This menu command allows you to set information on each nozzle mounted on the ATC.
When you select this <ATC nozzle setup> menu command, the following " ATC nozzle setup" screen appears.
The system automatically sets the " Noz. No." (Nozzle number), "Noz. Type"(nozzle type), "Vacuum", "Noz. Height" (Nozzle height), " Reflection", " D cut recognition" and " End recognition" fields.
However, you can enter a value into the "Noz. No." field with a keyword.
* " D cut recognition" or " End recognition" is a function to check the mounting posture of the nozzle in order to prevent a component pick error and can be set in the KE-2080 only.