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custom print Esd anti static shielding bags for electronic product

Product Name ESD Anti-Static Shielding Bag Open Top Style Premium Weight 6.4 ounces Color Semi-Transparent Material PET/CPE Poly Plastic Packaging Bag Place of Product Guangdong Province,China feature Plastic Static-Free Package Packed into Read More

Anti static no residue PVC ESD safety floor marking warning adhesive tape

Main Applications: Floor marking Antistatic warning Good adhesion and no residue left when torn off Apply any antistatic workroom Properties Unit Value Tape Thickness mm 0.15 +/-0.005 Strength of adhensive gf/in 500 Peeling static voltage V Read More

Automatic Electrical Round Tape Dispenser Packaging Machine

Features: Once you hit a button, it sticks the tapes halfway around as it cuts. Simply change both upper and lower blades. They dont need to be adjusted. Enable to cut many kinds of tape with one machine. Unique feed system places tape on c Read More

ESD PCB Cleaning Brush Antistatic Brush

ESD Brush Material Plastic Color Black Surface resistance 10 6 -10 9 Customizable Yes Read More

LN-S020 esd fan Three head Ionizer air blower fan for Industry

The description of esd fan With its new functions of electric shock protection and ion balance adjuster, it makes safer and easier for static elimination. The improved design of removable plastic mask also facilitates the maintenance work. Read More

220V/50HZ or110V/60Hz Antistatic Fan Static Eliminator Ion blower Desktop ESD Ionizing Air Blower

Product name Table Ion Blower Color creamy-white Weight 3.3kg operating Voltage 110v/60hz,220v/50hz current consumption 0.25A or 1.2A size 90MM*170MM*260MM Air Volume 45~110CFM ion balance 0v10v air coverage 400mm*600mm Direction for use Th Read More

Antistatic Air Gun New Ionizing Air Gun High Voltage Generator Electrostatic Gun

Working Principle: Ionizing Air Gun can produce large amounts of air with positive and negative charges, blown out by compressed air at high speed, can quickly neutralize static charges. When the surface is negatively charged, it will attra Read More

ESD Antistatic Rubber Ankle Band ESD Ankle band grounder ankle straps

In some special situation, Anti-static foot grounder will take place of anti-static wrist strap, and it is more economical than anti-static shoes. Anti-static foot grounder avoids the earthing line when walking in the range of conductive ar Read More

High quality Antistatic Esd Slippers Sandals Esd Slipper

Anti-static SPU soles are made of SPU materials, wear lightweight and comfortable, wear resistant, do not deform, not pollution socks, durable, easy to clean, anti-static property stable, low dust amount. Model E-S-SPU-BLCA Feature Anti-Sta Read More

ESD Autoclavable Uniform Antistatic Work Clothes

Specification: Material: 100%polyester filament fiber and conductive fiber Available to clean room: class 100, class 1000, class 10000 Application: 1. Applied to both men and women, weaved by polyester filament fiber and imported conductive Read More

Antistatic Cleanroom ESD Safety Hand Work Gloves

Features: 1. Polyurethane (PU) coatings offer great puncture and abrasion resistance while offering excellent tactile sensitivity 2. Breathable back and wing thumb design for extra comfort 3. Come with color coded hem sizing and are individ Read More

Anti static Strip Fabric Safety Hand Glove ESD Dotted Gloves

Description ESD Dotted glove are made of PVC dotted for palm, polyster and conductive carbon yarn for back and In clean room packaging. It ensures the safety of workers in electronic manufacturing/assembly and maintain technics and cleanlin Read More

Elastic Cleanroom Adjustable ESD Wrist Strap Band Antistatic Bracelets

anti-static wrist band 4mm/7mm/10mm button blue antistatic wrist band This wrist band and cord set features a 360 degrees conductive contact around the wrist, providing maximum skin contact The polyurethane coil insulation offers excellent Read More

High Quality ESD Cleanroom AntiStatic Working Safety Shoes

Material - PVC outsole + ESD insole + artificial leather cover Advantage - RTG: 10e6-10e8 ohms, cost effective and the most popular design, anti-slip, abrasion resistant, low particles generation, durable and long lasting, good wearability. Read More

High quality Antistatic Conductive Fiber ESD Cleanroom Work Caps for safety protection

Features polyester/dacron and conductive fiber. well flexible,antistatic,dustfree surface resistance:106-108 Products summarization A.fabrics choose:5mm,10mm 12mm 17mm 20mm stripe,5mm,2.5mm grid anti-static clean fabrics. B.Color choices: w Read More
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