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Other Peripherals


SME-24 Automatic Nozzle Cleaner machine

Machine Features: 1. Completely solve the dirt is difficult to clean the dirt impurities. 2. Strong cleaning capacity, can be cleaned on the market any microporous nozzle. 3. Cleaning effect is good, extend the service life of the nozzle. 4 Read More

Industrial Desiccator Dehumidifier Dry Cabinet

Model no. DJ-160 A/B/C DJ-240 A/B/C DJ-320 A/B/C DJ-435 A/B/C Power supply 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ Heating power 154-176 W 154-176 W 154-176 W 154-176 W Stable current 0.7 A 0.7 A 0.7 A 0.7 A Max current 2.5 A 2.5 A 2.5 A 2. Read More

Portable Laser Marking Machine

1. Marking / engraving text, logo, serial number, image, photo, bar code and PCB QR code etc 2. All kind of metal, alloy marking,such as Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminium, Steel, Iron etc. 3. Mark on many non-metal materials, such as ABS, N Read More
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