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SME-24 Automatic Nozzle Cleaner machine

Detailed Product Description

Machine Features:

1. Completely solve the dirt is difficult to clean the dirt impurities.

2. Strong cleaning capacity, can be cleaned on the market any microporous nozzle.

3. Cleaning effect is good, extend the service life of the nozzle.

4. No damage to the surface of the nozzle coating, reflective plate.

5. Only need to use environmentally friendly deionized water or distilled water to clean.

6. Automatic cleaning and drying.

7. Easy to operate.

8. Applicable to any brand of placement machine nozzle.


Economic benefits:

1. Reduce the purchase cost of the nozzle:

Use SME-24 after the cleaning machine can be a good solution to the dirty dirty and scrapped, so as to achieve extended service life.

2. reduce labor;

As the machine uses automatic cleaning, so no special person responsible for all the machine automatically completed the entire process.

3. To effectively reduce the throwing rate and product yield, improve SMT productivity; a large part of the production process is due to the dirty surface of the nozzle and the cavity is too dirty caused by throwing or loading shift

Bit, resulting in poor post-sequence welding. After using the washing machine can make the nozzle always protect the new state, greatly improve the production efficiency.

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