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Solder Paste Warm-up Timer Machine

Detailed Product Description

Solder Paste Warm-up Timer Machine can easily achieve the control of the solder paste temperature warm up time, which can save
much time to record the time of solder paste back to the ambient temperature after take out off the refrigerated room. This is an
efficiency way to control the temperature of the solder paste, make sure the activity of the solder paste, ensure the printing
quality, better to control the production plan, improve production efficiency.
1. Each tank of solder paste placement slot has an independent LED display time controller. After setting the time the solder
paste will be fixed in the tank and sink automatically,also it will release automatically when time is over.
2. With "first in,first out" function, for example, we warm up paste A,B,C,D in a row, when all of the paste finished, need take
out of the bottles rank A,B,C,D, if you dont't take the A out, then you can't take B,C, or D.
3. In the case of out of power accidently,even if not reach setted time, solder paste bottle will automatically pop up.
4. Equipped with a automatic alarm system,when reach the setting time, this machine will automatically alarm. Also there is a
emergency stop button for emergency suitation, easy operation and security.
6. This automatic solder paste warm up machine has 4 tanks,can warm up 4 bottles paste at the same time,if need more tanks, can be

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