High-Speed SMT machine KE-2080L for JUKI SMT pick and place machine used PCB Assembly Production

Product Models :

Detailed Product Description
Brand Name: JUKICondition:Original Used
Place of Origin:JapanDelivery Time: 2 weeks After Payment
Minimum Order Quantity: 1Packaging Details:Wooden Case

Board size

M size (330×250mm)


L size (410×360mm)


L-Wide size(510×360mm) (option)


E size (510×460mm)*1


Component size

Laser recognition

0402 (01005)~33.5mm

Vision recognition

Standard camera

3mm~74mm or 50×150mm

High-resolution camera (option)

1.0×0.5mm*3~48mm or 24×72mm

Placement speed









Placement accuracy

Laser recognition

±0.05mm(Cpk ≥ 1)

Vision recognition

±0.03mm (±0.04mm when using MNVC)

Feeder inputs

Max. 80 on 8mm T/F*6

Our New mounters, KE-2070 and KE-2080 are the successors of KE-2050R/KE-2060R Mounters, and inherit the flexibility performance under the concepts that have been built up historically, and they are new series models of one-by-one system whose economy, reliability, serviceability and safety are further improved.
As the KE-2080R was added to the series, this has enhanced the applicability to large-shape components further.

KE-2070/80/80R can also use the component supply unit(tape, stick, or bulk) and production program used in the existing KE Series. This permits a reduction of installation cost and a smooth startup of the system.

Additionally, the intelligent shopfloor solutions(IS) or the intelligent feeder system(IFS-NX), which are the manufacturing support system to be used with the JUKI mounters and dispensers, allow you to manage the productions not only per line but also per floor. The IS or IFS-NX manages and optimizes the information and jobs for a whole manufacturing floor comprehensively to provide you improved productivity, better manufacturing quality, and cost reduction.
* KE-2070/KE2080/80R can run with the " Host line computer(HLC)" that prevents a wrong component from being placed.
*For the details of the IS, please refer to " IS instruction Manual".
*For details of the IFS-NX functions, refer to the " IFS-NX Product Specifications."

Features of each model
1, KE-2070 Mounter is suited mainly for high-speed placement of small chip components, thus, it is able to perform high-speed placement of a thin chip-shaped components and small type QFP, CSP and BGA. Also, the placement monitor(option) is available with KE-2070 Mounter; the placement monitor is to perform the simple inspection of the picking and placing status by monitoring the components with the camera mounted on the head.
2, KE-2080 Mounter not only has the capabilities of KE-2070 but also can place ICs such as large QFPs and BGAs on a board.
3, The KE-2080R uses the FMLA(laser unit) for the IC head(exclusively for vision recognition) of the KE-2080 so that it may be highly applicable large-shape components.
4,For each model can set an MNVC that mounts a small type QFP, BGA or CSP by recognizing them with the vision centering system(VCS) as an option.
5, The placement monitor(option) is available with Mounter; the placement monitor is to perform the simple inspection of the picking and placing status by monitoring the components with the camera mounted on the head.

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