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PCB Testing PCB circuit Quality Insepction Machine AOI T11

Detailed Product Description

Performance  Description
Equipment sizeL×W×H 2150mm×1350mm×1780mm
Equipment Weight1500kg
Working Electric Power: AC 380V± 5% 50 Hz 3.7 KWh Three-phase five-wire (TN-S) system
Standard resources and referencesRS-274X GERBER Format  ODB++ Format
Test capabilityLine Width/ Line Space down to 2mil
Line Width / Line Space Test method based on size18″×24″
5mil 4mil 3mil 2mil
Scanningface/hour   200 face  180face  160face  120face
Table size26″×28″660×711mm
Test Area24″×26″610×660mm
Board FormInner/outerCabling type including signal、 power supply ground、 mixed shieldinggrid and others.
Test Materialplating copper board、 golden boardnickel-plated boarddry / wet film boardFR-4CEM and flexible board material
Can Detectable Defectsopen circuitshort circuitnicksburrspinholescopper slagcopper isolated convex circle、 line width / line space irregularities、 leakage drillingholes shift.
Defect inspection methodelements characteristics of study sub-pixel contour analysis and comparison.
System Software Installation environmentWindowsXP Windows2003  Windows7
Position SystemServo motor positioning system
Mechanical DrivePrecision guides + ball screw transmission system
Illuminant SystemLED cold light concentrating highlighted system
Contact Details
Dongguan KingFei Technology Co.,Limited

Contact Person: Sandy