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PCB Circuit Repair Machine

Detailed Product Description

PCB Circuit Repair Machine is a special equipment designed for PCB manufacturers to repair circuit boards. The precision electronic wire repair machine can repair various circuit boards, which is easy to operate and reliable in welding. The repaired circuit boards can also perform hot oil scrubbing, strong vibration and electrical performance load work.
PCB Circuit Repair Machine is a device for digital repair and fine repair welding under the direct view of the display screen. It sets three sets of adjustable welding parameters: welding pressure (Force), output pulse amplitude (Voltage) and pulse time (Millisecond). The precision electronic wire repair machine is composed of A. host, B. structure, C. welding head, D. head, and E. optical device.

A. Host
The main part of the precision electronic wire repair machine is the control part of the power supply. The circuit design adopts adaptive adjustment technology and is provided with a certain value of automatic limit protection to ensure a certain energy output and ensure the best welding quality.

B. Structure
The gantry structure is adopted to shorten the extension length of the machine head and reduce the vibration caused during welding.

C. Welding head
A welding head is a component that performs welding work. When working, when the welding head is in contact with the line to be repaired and reaches the set welding pressure, the welding host can be triggered to provide a pulse current, so that the tip of the welding head generates energy to perform fusion welding.

D. Machine head
The machine head is a mechanical device for manipulating the welding head for welding work and providing adjustable welding pressure. Through the pedal operation, the welding pressure is displayed digitally. When working, the display is enlarged to ensure accurate positioning of the welding head and easy operation.

E. Optical devices
This part consists of a microscope, its stand, and a light source. Adopt a microscope with continuously adjustable magnification and a specially designed bracket, which makes the adjustment of the microscope up, down, front, and angle very flexible and convenient; the light source is provided by a special LED lamp, the light is soft and natural, and the life is long, effectively reducing eye fatigue and improving work effectiveness.

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