Analysis of SMT History,Present situation and Future(2)
Jun 18, 2020  Editor: Lulu
Start From USA 


      SMD and SMT Started From The United States, taking the advantages of SMT high assembly density and high reliable performance, USA always pay more attention to investing the electronic products, and military equipment, reached a very high level.

      In 1963, since the emergence of the first surface mount component in the world and the introduction of the first surface mount integrated circuit by Philips, SMT has been mainly used in military, aviation, aerospace and other cutting-edge products and investment products, then gradually widely used in computer, communications, military, industrial automation, consumer electronics and other industries. 
      SMT developed rapidly in the 1980s, SMT technology has become the hottest new generation of electronic assembly technology in the world, and it is known as a revolution of electronic assembly technology.
SMT In Japan


      Japan introduced SMD and SMT into the field of consumer electronic products from the United States in the 1970s, and invested world capital to strengthen the development and research of basic materials, basic technology and popularization and application.

    Since the middle and late 1980s, it has accelerated the comprehensive promotion and application of SMT in the field of industrial electronic equipment.  Only four years, the number of applications of SMT in computers and communication equipment has increased nearly 30%, and fax  40%. As a result, Japan has quickly surpassed the United States and is in a leading position in the world in terms of SMT.
SMT In the European

     SMT in European countries started relatively late, but they attach importance to development and have a good industrial foundation, so developed very fast. The level of development and the efficiency of SMC/SMD in the whole machine are second only to Japan and the United States.

       Since the 1980s, the four Asian dragons of Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan Province have introduced advanced technology one after another, Make Surface Mount Technology more popular.

SMT In China


      SMT in China started in the early 1980s, and a complete set of SMT production lines were introduced from the United States, Japan and other countries for the production of color TV tuners. Then it is used in the production of video recorders, cameras, pocket high-end multi-band radios, Walkman and so on. In recent years, it has also been gradually used in computers, communication equipment, aerospace electronic products.

     After 2003 China entered a stage of rapid development. More than 5000 mounters were introduced every year, and 10189 were introduced in 2007, near 1/2 of all the world production. The number of placement machines in China is about 60,000, ranking first in the world.
    At present, China has developed into a big country of SMT application, and the popularization of SMT patch processing has made a great contribution to our electric indutry. Although the use of equipment has been in line with international standards, there is still a gap between design, manufacturing, technology, management technology and other aspects. China should strengthen the basic theory and process research, improve the process level and management ability, and strive to become a real SMT manufacturing country and manufacturing power.

   According to incomplete statistics in 2019, there are more than 40 enterprises engaged in the production of SMC/SMD in China, more than 4000 mounting machines have been introduced in 2009-2019 alone. China will become the base of SMT world processing plant. The development prospect of SMT in our country is very broad.