Technical Management of SMT equipment maintenance
Jul 02, 2020  Editor: admin

What is the technical management of equipment maintenance ?

  The technical management of equipment maintenance is for the correct use and timely maintenance of equipment to give full play to its efficiency, to collect, compile, organize and implement various maintenance technical documents, and to popularize and apply new technologies, new processes and new materials. as well as a series of management work to improve the technical level of enterprise maintenance.

The basic work of Technical Management of equipment maintenance.

The basic work of equipment maintenance technical management is as follows:

(1) Management of technical data.
The contents of technical materials include: equipment specification, equipment vulnerable parts album, equipment manufacturing album, repair process data, repair process equipment drawing data, equipment transformation related materials, equipment maintenance technical information and so on. All technical documents should be classified and numbered, account books and cards should be established and managed by the technical reference room. The technical reference room shall establish management measures for borrowing and consulting technical data. So that these data can play its due role in equipment maintenance.

(2) compilation of repair atlas.
Equipment repair atlas (including tables) is a compilation of special technical materials for equipment maintenance, which includes:

The main results are as follows:
1) schematic diagram of main characteristics of equipment, schematic diagram of transmission route, bearing position diagram, electrical, hydraulic, lubrication system diagram, etc.

2) Assembly drawings of the whole machine, parts and components.
3) spare parts and vulnerable parts.
4) list of standard parts and parts purchased.
5) list of non-ferrous metals, composite materials and substitutes.

(3) process rules and technical conditions.

The main contents are as follows:
1) repair process procedures, including disassembly, assembly and repair processes of whole machines, components and components, parts repair processes, schedules and drawings of process equipment and non-standard equipment, etc.

2) the process rules for the manufacture of accessories, including the schedule and drawings of the process equipment, etc.

3) various technical conditions, including parts decomposition and identification technical conditions, assembly technical conditions and test technical conditions, etc. In the technical management of maintenance, in addition to the contents introduced above, there are also parts repair and reasonable selection of substitute parts, as well as the promotion and application of new technology and new technology.

The task of technical management of equipment maintenance.

Equipment maintenance technical management is an important guarantee to improve equipment maintenance technology and equipment economic benefits. Its main tasks are:

1) adopt the most suitable maintenance technology and strive to apply new technology, new technology and new materials to improve the maintenance level and work efficiency.
2) to formulate a reasonable and feasible technical scheme to ensure equipment maintenance and improve work quality, shorten the downtime and reduce the maintenance cost.
3) formulate various maintenance technical standards and specifications, accumulate equipment technical data, and establish equipment maintenance technical files.

4) provide the feasibility analysis scheme for the technical transformation of the equipment and the selection of the new equipment.

The function of equipment maintenance Technical Management.
Maintenance technical management is the technical support of other systems, especially one of the four pillars of point inspection system, which lays a technical foundation for the smooth progress and development of point inspection. It defines the four major standards for the quality of spot inspection operation, maintenance and maintenance, namely: maintenance technical standards-mechanical, electrical, instrument three professional use standards; spot inspection standards-mechanical, electrical, instrument three professional use standards. Give grease standard-special standard for all kinds of equipment and grease use standard; maintenance operation standard-standardized man-hour schedule for all kinds of professional equipment and special projects. The corresponding standardized procedures are stipulated for spot inspection operation management, fixed-day and annual repair project management, etc.