How To Choose Nozzles For your JUKI Machine
Oct 28, 2020  Editor: admin
(1): Shape Of Nozzle
            Select the nozzle from No.501 through No. 508, according to the shape and size of the components to be mounted.

                                                               Table: 1.4.1 Nozzles for laser recognition
(2) Nozzle Selection
       The Nozzle can be automatically recognized if you follow the explanation of " ATC Nozzle Selection." If you manually select the nozzle,
       select the nozzle with extreme care to prevent poor pickup and placement of a compornent,
       The nozzle numbers for major types of components to placed be are shown in Table 1.4.2. However, to keep accuracy of pickup and placement,
       select the appropriate nozzle No. by referring to the minimum size of the suction area of each component.

Table 1.4.2 Nozzles and their pickable minimum component width