Head offset
Mar 18, 2022  Editor: admin
This command allows you to set the mounting position of each head on the OCC and the mounting angle of the laser alignment unit (sensor) onto the main unit. To set the head offset, the system uses the CAL piece.

Select the head in the " select Head" edit box, and click the [Exec.] button. The system starts measuring the assembling angle.

Measurement operation
  1. Attach the No. 508 or 507 nozzle onto the selected head. An error occurs if no nozzle is set for the ATC. In this case, assign the nozzle on the "ATC Nozzle setup" menu invoked from the " machine setup" menu.
  2. Move the jig from the jig station to the calibration block if there is no jig on the calibration block. An error occurs if the jig cannot be picked up. In this case, remount the jig.